What are axiVEND terms?


What is the axiVEND shipping policy?

We work with world-class facilitators Expeditors International to handle everything from the time the equipment leaves the factory, through customs, until it is installed in your lab.  axiVEND terms are such that all is inclusive on the axiVEND product quotation, so that there are no surprises, monetary or logistical, post issuance of the Purchase Order.

Some competitor quotes may show EXW terms, also known as ExWorks (see Incoterms). Be aware that in such cases, you, the buyer, is responsible for all shipping expenses, import duties and taxes, and insurance!  and you may not know ahead of time, exactly how much this will cost you, above and beyond the quoted equipment price...

axiVEND shipping uses DDT terms.  We take care of it all, from all shipping logistics, insurance, and even white glove delivery into your lab.


What’s your product acceptance policy?

axiVEND terms are such that we ensure your application will be successful using our equipment. We accomplish this by fully testing your reagents and devices in our laboratories.  You would then validate the results prior to delivery.  After installation, a site acceptance procedure, repeating the factory one, is then conducted.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service leverages the full knowledge base of our team and partners.