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Experience in development and production of biosensors

We leverage an expanded team to bring experience in development and production of biosensors and microarrays.

Our philosophy:

We represent only what we have identified as best-in-class products and services.  We use only factual information with no hype.  Going beyond equipment sales means that we seek to truly deliver complete and ready-to-use solutions to your development and manufacturing needs.

Meet the Team

We seek to leverage the vast experience in development and production of biosensors available through our extended network, from staff at our partner companies, M2-Automation, M24You, Anaways, Bioscience Media, ParallexBio, iRiS kinetics, Lucidant Polymers, to many worldwide consultants.

Our overall skills range from robotics and automation skills, to assay development and optimization, to deep understanding of immobilization methods and associated chemistries, to the art of selecting the most suitable liquid dispensing modality.

We firmly believe that a multidisciplinary approach is essential.  The development and ultimate commercialization of a test or sensor is an expensive endeavor that can benefit from the experience of as many as possible.

Suzanne Dufresne, MS

Founder & President

Trained as microbiologist, with extensive experience with FDA regulatory practices.

Claude Dufresne, PhD


Organic chemist, with experience in laboratory automation, utra-low volume liquid handling, and diagnostics tests development.

Anand Singh, MS

Scientist, Orlando Location

Expertise with biosensors, surface chemistry, assay development, spotters

Derin Sevenler
Derin Sevenler, PhD

Consulting Scientist, Boston Area

Expertise in microarrays, biochips, spotters

Sebastien Bergeron
Sebastien Bergeron, PhD

Consulting Scientist, Eastern Canada

Expertise with microarray production, immunoassays, biochips, spotters

Leonardo Foti
Leonardo Foti, PhD

Consulting Scientist, Brazil

Expertise with microarrays, immunoassays, biochips, assay development