We focus on multiplex tests and microarrays development and production by providing solutions used to create microarrays of all types, printed on semiconductors, glass slides, and various plastic surfaces, such as microtiter plates.  The arrays are typically used to achieve multiplexed testing for diagnostics applications, allergy testing, genetic identification, ...  They include oligo arrays, antigen arrays, antibody arrays, small molecule arrays.  They are used to look at protein profiles, gene expression, and to detect biomarkers or other analytes.

Beyond biologicals, chemical reagents can be spotted onto electrochemical sensors to enable sensor chip manufacturing for environmental testing, such as for monitoring air and water quality, food supply safety, and biodefense.

Optimal Spotting with no compromises

Four technologies are available for optimal dispensing: piezo-based, solenoid-based, pin-based, and a unique cartridge with bulk dispensing capabilities. These can be combined on the same system, for unparalleled flexibility and ROI.

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Binding Kinetics by label-free measurements

A versatile and affordable benchtop system for high-quality characterization of biomolecular interactions, with applications from R&D to QC labs.

Perfect for Binding Kinetics, Antibody Development, Bioprocessing Quality Control.

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Multiplex assay with singleplex detection

For the fastest multiplex tests and microarrays development, and answer to profiling questions, we can eliminate the cross-reactivity problem of sandwich ELISA.  The SnapChip technology from Parallex Bioassay is a very convenient way to accelerate assay development for profiling experiments.

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Biochip Manufacturing

For multiplex tests and microarrays, if you're thinking 'millions of devices per year', M2-Automation manufacturing systems can't be beat.  The latest technology for unprecedented performance and robustness

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Microarray Reader

The axiREADERS are available as colorimetric or fluorescence versions. The compact and portable instruments can image microarrays from microtiter plate wells or from slides.  The software uses artificial intelligence for the best in automated spot finding, and quantitative data analysis.

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AKT Panel

AKT 11-plex assay kit

Next Steps for your microarray spotting for multiplex tests

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