Multiplex tests and microarrays give the ability to detect many protein or DNA markers in one assay. In addition, since the assay results are obtained under the same conditions, a good ranking can be had. Furthermore, an added benefit is to use a minimal amount of precious sample. While there are several approaches to multiplexing, planar arrays offer an established platform that is amenable to a wide range of tests.

At axiVEND, we focus on multiplex tests and microarrays development and production by providing solutions used to create and read microarrays of all types. These can be printed on semiconductors, glass slides, and various plastic surfaces, such as microtiter plates.  The arrays are typically used to achieve multiplexed testing for diagnostics applications, allergy testing, genetic identification, ...  Examples include oligo arrays, antigen arrays, antibody arrays, small molecule arrays.  They are used to look at protein profiles, gene expression, and to detect biomarkers or other analytes.

Spotters used for the creation of microarrays are also used for the ultra-low volume liquid deposition of materials into various structures.  A prime example is the deposition of reagent into Microfluidics chips during their manufacturing.  Pre-loading reagents into Microfluidics can help in creating minimally instrumented chips.  These are in turn well suited for point-of-care / point-of-use devices.

Beyond biologicals, chemical reagents can be spotted onto electrochemical sensors to enable sensor chip manufacturing for environmental testing, such as for monitoring air and water quality, food supply safety, and biodefense.

Picoliters, Nanoliters, Microliters

Systems for ultra-low high precision liquid volume dispensing. They are used to spot microarrays, load reagents into Microfluidics chips, and many other applications.

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Binding Kinetics by label-free measurements

Affordable easy-to-use instrument to generate biomolecular binding data. No more lab fees. Get powerful molecular analysis on your benchtop. Using very inexpensive sensors, you can feel at ease to try anything!

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Microarray Reader

Read and analyze microarrays in either colorimetric or fluorometric mode. The powerful analysis software can automate the production of custom reports.

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Biochip Manufacturing

Scale up your microarray spotting with a range of systems suitable for bath or inline production scales.  For batch mode, the iONE series offers great versatility.  For very large scale needs, the iZERO platform is your choice.

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Vial filling

To supplement your assay test kit, you may need to include reagent vials.  This system automates the filling process for reproducible operations.

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Combo mixer / centrifuge

Save bench space with a convenient combo unit: mini-centrifuge and vortexer.  It is perfect for PCR tubes and 0.5 ml tubes.

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