Mini-centrifuge / vortex

axiSPIN is a cost-effective combined centrifuge/vortex mixer.  It allows combined or independent centrifuge and mixing of 0.2, 0.5, or 1.5 ml microtubes.

Units can be used in microbiological, biochemical, clinical and industrial biotechnological laboratories. axiSPIN provides simultaneous mixing and separation of samples, using centrifuge and mixing modules, located on the common spin module.

The axiSPIN is very simple to operate.  Use the left button to select short or continuous spin, and the right button to start the unit.  It is provided with a protection mechanism that stops the rotor motion when the lid is opened.

axiSPIN close-up

Centriguge / Vortexer

Rotation speed (fixed): 3500 rpm, Max. RCF: 700 x g
Rotors Included:

  • combo 12 x 0.5 ml /12 x 0.2 ml tubes
  • 12 x 1.5 ml tubes

Operation modes Continuous and impulse
Overall dimensions (WxDxH): 190x235x125 mm, 7 ó x 9 . x 5 in
Weight 1.7 kg, 3.7 lbs
Power consumption 30 W (0.27 A)
Nominal operating voltage: 120V 60 Hz

Price: only $549

Lab space is very expensive.  Make efficient use of every bit of bench space by using a combo vortexer tube micro-centrifuge.  Most assay protocols often include a step to mix and then spin down. This is exactly the situation this unit was designed for.

It is very useful next to a microarray spotter, as one should always spin down samples to avoid particles from being aspirated into the nozzle.

Crowded lab bench

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