AKT 11-plex assay

The AKT Pathway multiplex panel assay is a fully developed assay kit.

Akt is a kinase enzyme previously known as protein kinase B.  It has several isoforms playing a crucial role in major cellular functions.  The Akt pathway is a cell transduction pathway that promotes metabolism, proliferation, growth and survival in response to extracellular signals. A well know example is the insulin signaling pathway.

The regulation of this pathway can be a valuable therapeutic target.

Akt activation orchestrates diverse biological processes, such as proliferation, survival and glucose metabolism. Its action is mediated by a phosphorylation cascade and the activation of downstream proteins, including mTOR and S6. Akt exists in 3 isoforms (Akt-1, Akt-2 and Akt-3) which have both overlapping and distinct roles5, so looking at it as a unique protein may lead to misleading results.

The SnapChip technology offers a unique combination of assays, thanks to the absence of cross-reaction, to rapidly get an overview on the activation status of the Akt pathway, with information on specific isoforms and phosphorylation sites 

In order to facilitate research in this area, we have assembled a multiplex assay kit.  This AKT Pathway multiplex panel assay kit allows for the measurement individual enzyme activities in parallel, while using very little sample.  This is particularly useful if you are mining BioBank samples for a retrospective analysis.

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