Increase your production speed for microarray spotting! The M2-Automation systems for spotting of microarrays using Spot-on-the-Fly / SotF is able to produce microarrays with a frequency of 3200 spots per second. Spotting takes place during nozzel / dispenser movement, without stopping over the spot target location.

Axes speed usually average 800 mm/sec but could be twice that for certain targets / deposition requirements.  Typical spot to spot spacing is often about 250 µm. Axes movement is not restricted and can be meandered.


M2-Automation's Quattro technology combines all four M2-Microdispenser technologies at one universal bracket system. PDMD, M2MD, SDMD and PinDMD - volume range 20 pL up to mL – contact and non-contact.  Each dispenser can be used for spotting of microarrays. The decision is based on liquid properties, such as viscosity, and deposition volume requirements.  In addition, you may opt for 'aspirate/dispense' mode, or bulk dispensing.


M2-Automation standard target holder has the footprint of a microtiter plate (MTP) following the ANSI standard. Additionally, vacuum target plates with custom dimensions including optional cooling and heating functionality are supported by M2's spotter robot series.  Custom trays to hold your specific biochips or devices can be designed as well.

At M2-Automation, we offer both non-contact and contact microarray dispensers. There's no need to compromise by trying to adapt all of your dispensing needs to a single technology. Microarray spotting can be accomplished with each of the dispensers, with the best one selected for your liquid properties.  Volume range: 20 pL up to mL as single or multiple droplets.

Spot on Spot dispensing has many applications.  With high accuracy and precision specs, combined with powerful imaging capabilities, one can dispense or spot a particular material, and return later to dispense a second component onto the first.

This creates unique possibilities for microarray spotting one reagent over another.

From a few dozen to several thousand units produced per day, the almost maintenance free iZERO™ reduces the changeover time to a minimum while maximizing its productive time - Making it the obvious choice to large scale spotting of microarrays.