MX-100 1


  • Highly multiplexed (100s of probes),
  • Quantitative,
  • Repeatable,
  • Highly sensitive (<250Da molecular weight),
kinetic binding measurements

We cover the entire range of biological analytes including proteins, nucleic acids, peptides, and small molecules On a compact, robust, low-cost, fully-automated, and easy-to-use research instrument with versatile and inexpensive consumables

MX-100 3

Fully automated

Four tubes for samples

Four bottles for wash, buer and waste.

Minimum sample volume: 100 microliter

Iris Chip

Iris sensor chips  (patent pending)

•Low-cost – truly disposable, no more reusing old sensor chips!
•Oxide coating compatible with glass surface chemistries
•Intuitive on-chip markings and rulers
•Large sensor area (5mm X 7mm)
•Superb quality control
Iris Flow Cell

Iris microfluidic cartridges (patent pending)

•Channel height from 50µm to 500µm
•Chamber volume from 2µl to 50µl
•Easy to assemble and load
Chip loading video
Sample loading video

additional information is also available from the Iris Kinetics website.

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