iTWO-300 microarray spotter

The iTWO-300 microarray spotter is M2-Automation’s newest addition to the spotter family.

Providing its users with a broad range of custom-tailored solutions, the iTWO™-300P is ready for any challenge to come. With a larger area for production (220 x 300 mm) and an improved repeated positioning (<5 µm) it is the ideal choice for research and development and small-scale production. Of course, additional new options like the heatable M2-Dispenser for higher viscous samples, the contact-based Pin-Dispenser, a vacuum table, humidity control of +/- 1% are only a few options that you can combine with our established technologies like the Quattro-Dispensing or the online-QC and a variety of camera options.

  • Quattro-Dispensing Technology
  • Hermetically sealed housing
  • Build-in industrial PC running Windows 10
  • Build-in pressure and vacuum control
  • Positioning precision <5 µm
  • Speed (X/Y/Z) 700/ 700/ 400 mm/s
  • Printable area (X/Y) 220 x 300 mm
  • Brand new modular InDot software
  • Optional heavy-duty mobility table

The system can use all of the dispensing technologies available from M2-Automation. For example, you can use contact pins to spot difficult solutions such as cell lysates, or viscous protein solutions, or switch to non-contact for other applications.  A non-contact piezo nozzle can deliver droplet volumes from 30 to several hundred picoliters. This is often the nozzle selected for DNA/oligos arrays.  A proprietary cartridge is often the perfect match to dispense volumes from 10 nanometers to 30 microliters.  Available in both aspirate/dispense, and bulk dispense modes, this technology produces liquid depositions with remarkably low CVs.

The iTWO-300 microarray spotter is M2-Automation’s entry-level system without cutting back on performance and flexibility. It is a fully customizable system that can be used to tailor a solution that suits exactly your needs. Starting as a very basic model it can be upgraded to a fully automated high-end liquid handling system of utmost performance. If you have any questions or need consulting, please do not hesitate to contact us.

iTWO-300 microarray spotter