Microarray Reader
Microarray Imager

axiREADER C is a plate or slide microarray imager.  The compact and portable colorimetric imager designed for imaging arrays of biomolecules (after visible staining such as with TMB substrates for example).  You can get information on imagers vs scanners here.

The instrument can work with a 96-well plate, a 12 x 8 strip well plate, as well as standard 25 x 75 mm slides (placed in a special adapter).  The plates can be transparent or opaque.

The device takes images from above with a highly sensitive CMOS camera capable of taking images in a short exposure time. 

The microarray imager has an automatic mechanism for plate / slide loading and unloading. 

  • Robust modern design desktop microarray imager
  • High-throughput analysis
  • Flexible formats: plates and slides are STD, other format via a custom adapter
  • Designed and priced for multiple units deployed for diagnostics and other multiplex analyses
Colorimetric Reader
Array Image Control

Unit controls features:

  • Brightfield and darkfield illumination (Bottom and Top)
  • XYZ axis control, Z for focusing
  • Specify measurement locations
  • Calibrate measurement locations for 96 well plate or 4 microscope glass slides

Image analysis options:

  • Manual control of the array’s grid positioning
  • Individual control of every spot
  • Microarray image processing
  • Creation of template arrays
  • Saving/Loading array’s
  • Automated spot finding
Microarray Image Analysis
Data Analysis

Data Analysis:

  • Select qualitative /quantitative assay for interpretation
  • Set the template of your analytes and controls
  • Set names for analytes
  • Set replicates of analytes /controls
  • Save, load and export results
  • Creates visual reports (Excel, PDF, CSV)
  • Custom reports available

Assay editor:

  • Qualitative assay with up to 11 control groups (pos/neg)
  • Quantitative assay with up to 20 standards
  • BestFitfunction for selecting the best calibration curve
  • Set individual variables and formulas for analytes and controls
  • Create analytes’ result interpretation
  • Set the quality control interpretation for your assays
assay editor

If you would like to evaluate the microarray imager, just send us some microarray images and GAL file.  We can then produce an analysis report.  This just one of the many services we provide.  Visit our contact page to make initial contact.