M2-Automation microarray chip production systems

Biochip manufacturing at a large scale is gaining importance as the need to expand the reach of diagnostics tests increases. While it can be easy to perform multiplex tests and microarrays experiments in the lab, it can be a challenge to scale up their production to manufacturing scale. M2-Automation microarray chip production systems, are spotting systems from M2-Automation that use the same technology for small R&D systems as for production systems, the rendering the path to large scale production very much simpler.

There are two main approaches to production scale manufacturing: batch and inline.

In batch mode, you would setup one to several parallel iONE systems.  Each system produces a certain number of chips.  When the run is over, you reload the system and start again.

Inline mode is the solution to producing 'millions of devices per year'.  M2-Automation manufacturing iZERO systems can't be beat.  They offer latest technology for unprecedented performance and robustness.

The modular approach implemented by the iZERO series, parallels the accepted concepts of production line manufacturing.  As devices move Dows a 'line', which in this case consists of standard conveyor belt technology, each module performs a subset of the spotting tasks to be applied to the device.  For example, for a device requiring 12 proteins, one could use 4 modules, each specialized in the optimal application of a subset 3 proteins

iONE 1200

instrumentONE series

Biochip manufacturing with the instrumentONE series can be quickly implemented.  The system is an ultra-fast, high-precision, non-contact liquid handling systems that meet and grow with your needs. It enables flexibility in pattern design and high-speed printing with micro-dispensers through the use of a unique Triple-Jet technology, online degassing and online quality control.

The Quattro-Dispensing Technology of the iONE makes array production easier as a result of the simplified liquid path handling.

As a testament to the flexibility of its design, it is available in three different sizes, a variety of target capacities and with a selection of essential components, which makes it ideal for many applications in pL, nL, μL and low mL volume ranges.

  • Free pattern design
  • Automated target and microarray imaging
  • High speed processing
  • Spot-on-the-fly technology
  • 2D or 3D droplet imaging
  • Flexible deck configuration

The iONE™ is controlled by comprehensive, easy-to-use software that makes experiment set-up effortless. The software is largely image-based, and reflects the instrument layout, providing a self-explanatory systematic workflow for creating custom-specific experiments.

Additionally, password protected user profiles can be created to separate the work of multiple users, and the logical, user-friendly design means that experiments are simple to create, whatever the demands.

This is an example of batch-based M2-Automation microarray chip production systems.

iZERO Production Line

instrumentZERO Production Line

The instrumentZERO series contains everything you value about M2-Automation’s technology and combines it with a fully flexible, scalable and highly automated production environment. Without the need to change or reprogram the entire setting during production, the remote-controlled software handles a variety of different products, and protocols at ease.

From a few dozen to several thousand units produced per day, the almost maintenance free iZERO™ reduces the changeover time to a minimum while maximizing its productive time - Making it the obvious choice to spot your future.

  • In-line-QC
  • Database connection
  • Highest process safety
  • Modular flexibility
  • High-precision magnetic drive stage
  • HEPA-Unit
  • Dual active feed through transfer system
  • µm Resolution Z Level Distance Sensor
  • 3D-droplet detection cameras
  • DXF target format import
  • Quattro-Dispensing Technology

Starting with a single iZERO™ unit, M2-Automation’s extendable production line is able to address all needs from an early pilot phase to an automated well-engineered production.

The iZERO™ is controlled using a comprehensive, easy-to-use software that makes experimental setup effortless. The software is largely image-based, and reflects the instrument layout, providing a self-explanatory systematic workflow to create, save and distribute custom-specific production protocols.

Optionally the iZERO™ can be equipped with cooling and heating unit, humidity and CO2 control, UV lamp, ionizer and piercer.

This is an example of an inline M2-Automation microarray chip production systems