General Consultation: If you are embarking on a new sensor project, you could really benefit from our accumulated know-how.

Array / Sensor Design: Working closely together, we can help select the best surface to immobilize your proteins or oligos, with or without linkers.  We can also optimize array layout, and the use of replicates, controls, and fiducials, to achieve a most robust microarray sensor.

Manufacturing: We can execute all the steps needed to get you started and on the way to large scale production.  From surface preparation (cleaning and functionalization), probe spotting, device assembly and packaging, functional QC, shipping.

Platforms: We have experience working with slides, microtiter plates, custom chips, and various Microfluidics devices. Surfaces can be glass, plastics, gold, silicon, each with a wide range of coatings.



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Test development with GENSPEED

We are collaborating with GENSPEED Biotech to develop multiplex tests.  The platform is fully developed and requires minimal effort to adapt protein or oligo based testing.

High multiplex protein profiling

Using the SnapChip technology, involving two superimposed microarray, we can quickly deliver results for large multiplex tests.