Spotting Systems


The instrumentTWO-300P series is M2-Automation’s newest addition to the family. Providing its users with a broad range of custom-tailored solutions, the iTWO™-300P is ready for any challenge to come. With a larger area for production (220 x 300 mm) and an improved repeated positioning (<5 µm) it is the ideal choice for research and development and small-scale production. Of course, additional new options like the heatable M2-Dispenser for higher viscous samples, the contact-based Pin-Dispenser, a vacuum table, humidity control of +/- 1% are only a few options that you can combine with our established technologies like the Quattro-Dispensing or the online-QC and a variety of camera options.


The instrumentONE series is an ultra-fast, high-precision, non-contact liquid handling systems that meet and grow with your needs. It enables flexibility in pattern design and high-speed printing with micro-dispensers through the use of a unique Triple-Jet technology, online degassing and online quality control.

The Quattro-Dispensing Technology of the iONE makes array production easier as a result of the simplified liquid path handling.

As a testament to the flexibility of its design, it is available in four different sizes, a variety of target capacities and with a selection of essential components, which makes it ideal for many applications in pL, nL, μL and low mL volume ranges.

  • Target: 60–156 glass slides, 8-24 MTPs and 3 wafers (12’’)


Dual Head Technology, which is perfect for multitasking functions, enables massive sample spotting, recovery of single sample spotting and optical inline quality control. The technology combines two different micro-dispensers in one, single instrument:

  • Pin Driven Micro-Dispenser(PinDMD) for pico- to low nanolitre applications, with Dual Head and inline QC for an optimal microarray result
  • Piezo Driven Micro-Dispenser (PDMD) for pico- to low nanolitre applications

M2-Automation’s PinDMD technology is made for low volume protein and DNA microarray printing on different coolable targets under controlled conditions (Climate Control system for controlling temperature, humidity and DEW point).

The instrumentSIX is a flexible system with Ultrasonic, Wash and Dry station that are perfect for the cleaning of the micro-dispensers. The instrument can be equipped with a flexible amount of target glass- or plastic-slides, MTP holders and two coolable sources. The head camera performs inline quality control for finding missed spots, which are respotted with the second single pin head in order to achieve the highest microarray quality.


The instrumentZERO series contains everything you value about M2-Automation’s technology and combines it with a fully flexible, scalable and highly automated production environment. Without the need to change or reprogram the entire setting during production, the remote-controlled software handles a variety of different products, and protocols at ease.

From a few dozen to several thousand units produced per day, the almost maintenance free iZERO™ reduces the changeover time to a minimum while maximizing its productive time - Making it the obvious choice to spot your future.